Visit the Open Thursday of Fablab Amsterdam

Explore our lab, the machines and digital manufacturing.

Fab Academy

The Fablab is the perfect place to gain skills on digital fabrication. Join the annual Fab Academy.

BioHack Academy

Learn how to design, grow and extract your own biomaterials using only Open Source hardware you fabricate yourself.


The Fabricademy is for fashion, textile, and material designers; researchers, artists, and engineers; and all creatives interested in exploring topics surrounding the textile and clothing, working inside and outside the industry.

Get inspired at Openthings!

Do you need inspiration for your project? Or do you want to contribute to projects of other people?

A decade of Fablab Amsterdam

Ten years ago Waag Society opened one of the first Fab Labs of Europe in Amsterdam. On 4 November 2017 we celebrated this anniversary.

How to document?

Every time you make something, you also learn something. It is good to share what you have learned with others, so that they can benefit from it. Here are the four easy steps to follow when documenting your work.

What is a Fab Lab?

Fab Labs are a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication. A Fab Lab is a platform for learning and innovation: a place to play, to create, to learn, to mentor, to invent. Our Fab Lab is a member of a global community of learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers and innovators.

The Fab Lab Charter

The Fab Charter answers the seven most elemental questions about a Fab Lab. It was first drafted in 2007, this version is from October, 2012.