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I was asked to create an Inspirational Book and present both a personal and a professional work. After I decided the design of my book, I started my work by creating the title in Illustrator.

The words and the pattern slowly came to life by using the laser cutter. To create an interesting contrast with the cutting letters and the red paperboard, I put a rice paper and a white paperboard behind the cover. That way, I display the shadow of 'Perhaps' that is in true, the light of 'Happiness'.    

if I could feel the wind

In this design project, I want to discover how furniture interacts with wind. 
Will it loose its shape, be blown away or even dissolve.
The table is created solely out of paper. It is supposed to hold its strength only by its own material.
Creating recycled paper. Layering wet sheets of (recycled) paper to bind without glue or any other binding material.

Paper Battery Holder


A paper battery holder for coin cell batteries (CR2032 and CR2016).


- Card stock or neoprene-like fabric

- Conductive copper tape

- 3V coin cell battery



The idea was to design a ring which gives the impression that the material is folded paper. The following pictures documents the design process; the paper proofs and the rhino file.

Origami tesselation


This is an origami tesselation with LEDs behind it. The paper was prepared with the lasercutter, and then manually creased. 

The full tutorial can be found here:


Fablab Location: 
Waag Society

A second life to paper


Desycling Paper

This project is born from the idea to give a second life to paper (or other materials) through embossing (creating three-dimensional design or image on paper).  I'm exploring the possibility of creating embossing molds with different materials in the Fablab and find possibilites to create  graphics, textures, cuts to give a new purpose to paper and other materials.

In this case, I've created a mold with compact cardboard which can be used to emboss on different types of paper. 




We started our company a little while ago and where looking for a different method to produce some businesscards. This was our first test run, and we really like the outcome of this experiment. 

Laser engraved on black cardboard, it gives a really nice contrast and a some idea of how this process works. 



This project is about knowledge.

The true knowledge was first captured in books and for the true knowledge you had to look in the encyclopedia.

Now the internet is getting our main source to get information.

The books are getting a second life in this project.

Fablab Location: 
Waag Society

Paper Bra


by Bodil Jane Kleipool

I've designed this bra for a fashion project about flowers and plants. My greatest inspiration came from the paper flower hats shown in the Summer Spring Collection 2009 of Chanel. I've tried to make the paper look like lace as much as I could. Cutting out the patterns by hand took me quite a long time so i'm very happy that I could use the lasercutter at the Fablab.

problem with vinyl cutter

Middle of may i worked with the vinyl cutter, cutting rectangulars out of paper. This I have done already half a year ago and then everything went fine.

But this time a problem occured: at the second turn while making a rectangular the machine would not cut the edge sharp. it made at every rectangular a bow at the secund turn.
the first 5 rectangulars on the page would go fine but then after the knife would go more to the right of the machine it got less accurate (after +/- 15 cm from the left side of the machine).

Fablab Location: 
Waag Society