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Good beginners tutorial - Photo embroidery

Before you do anything:

-the embroidery machine only reads document from a specific folder.

To get that you have to stick your usb-stick into the machine. Turn the machine on and wait for a minute and than turn the machine off en take your stick.  Now you have a the folder EMB on your stick. In that folder there is another folder EMBF. In that folder you have to save your embroidery-files on. 

-the embroidery hoop is 140 x 140 mm, your image can not be bigger than that. If you want to embroidery a shawl for example you have to cut your images in pieces.

- we use for the machine  Brother embroidery BOBBIN thread (onderdraad)

                                 Madeira machine embroidery thread (bovendraad)

you have to use special embroidery thread!!!!

and you also need a stabilizer for under you fabric while you are sewing

you can buy it at Amsterdamse Naaimachine Centrale Wouters, Van Woutstraat 73, 75, 77, Amsterdam    tel nr. 0206624422



- Open Embird plus

-press on the Editor key                             

-Go to insert sfumato stitch design         



-the Balarad painter is open and you can open your JPG files

-You can also make some adjustments (it's better to do it in for example photoshop):

Image – resample:
You can resize your image. Notice that the size can not be bigger than 140x140 mm.

Make adjustments to your image: brightness, contrast, colour.

-Preview: Shows the embroidery design.




press Computer stitches 
It will calculating your stitches. Your embroidery design will be opened in Embird Plus.


And you have your embroidery-file

Probably is the size of the hoop in your screen bigger than 140 x 140 mm. To change it go to:

Options - hoop size - custom - custom hoop and change it in to 140 x 140 mm


To save your image go to:

file - save as - 

save it as Janome, JEF 

and save in on your usb-stick ( in the EMB - EMBF folder)



You can also make some adjustments in the embird plus editor

- size

-stitch density

Go to 

  double click on the image of your pattern

The object inspector will open

click on stitch density to adjust the column stitches density, fill stitches density and the pattern stitches.

If you double click on the colour (next to the image) you can change the colour of your image. 

save it (see step 4) and go to the embroidery machine


Put your usb-stick into the machine and turn the machine on.

-press on the internal memory key

The file-open window will open

-press the desired (EMBF) folder to open

The file list will be displayed  

-press the icon key to open the file


The ready to sew screen will be displayed. 


Press the yarn symbol and you know witch colour go's first 

Press the editing key, you can resize, rotate, flip and combine the pattern.

Press OK to go back to the ready to sew screen



To winding the bobbin, to inserting the bobbin and to threading the machine see the signs on the machine (it's the same as a normal sewing-machine) or see the instruction book.


settings the fabric in the embroidery hoop:

-attach a stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric. 

-(this is not realy necessary step) mark the centerlines on the right side of the fabric with tailor's chalk. 

-place the inner hoop with the template on the fabric, matching the centerlines.

-loosen the hoop tightening screw of the outer hoop.

-lay the fabric and the inner hoop on the outer hoop on the outer hoop. Push the inner hoop into the outer hoop.

-tighten the hoop tightening screw. Pull fabric corners to remove wrinkles. Tighten the hoop tightening securely.

-remove the template.


Attaching the embroidery hoop to the machine:

-to attach, raise the presser foot  (see instruction book)

-place the prepared hoop on the machine. Position the hoop by aligning the notches of the hoop with the carriage pins. 

-Shift the lever in de directions of the arrow. Attach the hoop by pushing it against the carriage pins. 

-Release the lever to lock the hoop in place.



Your pattern is ready and the machine also press the start/stop button and the machine start to work for you.


For more instructions about the embroidery machine see the instruction book in Dutch or in English.