Can we discuss the details about my prototype via the mail or phone?

We're sorry we can't do that via the mail or phone, but you are welcome to visit us during our open day, every Saturday from 10 – 17.00 (except holiday periods) and ask us anything.

How can I book a machine on the open day?

Go to the machines page to make a booking for a machine. You pay an hourly fee for each machine at our location. You will receive a refund if you document your work in the right way at Openthings.

Can I buy materials at Fablab Amsterdam?

If you visit us on the open day you have to bring your own materials. We do have some basics that you can buy (wood, plexiglass, PLA for the 3D printers) at our place, mostly to experiment with.

Can I make a spare part that I need with your machines?

Possibly, but that's not exactly what we're here for! We would like you to use digital fabrication your own designs and learning about the process along the way.

How do I check the availability of the machines?

Please check the online calendar of the machines at the booking pages.

How do I know if I prepared the right files for the machines?

You can find information at the machine pages, including the specifications of the machines. If you are not sure, visit the open day and ask our staff.

Help, I don't know how to use the machine!

Don’t worry, there will be someone of us helping you to start your job.

Can I make series of my work?

No, for that purpose you will have to take your work to an industrial partner.

Can I hire a machine on weekdays?

Outside the open day it is not possible to hire machines on an hourly basis. If you wish, you can hire the complete Fab Lab for half a day or a complete day and invite your crew to make your prototype at our facilities. Contact our Services department about that. They can give you a quote.

Can I get a tour? Can I make a group visit? Get a presentation?

No, we do not organize tours and presentations. You can just walk in during the open day. That's it.