3D Printers

The Ultimaker is a low cost DIY 3D printer using FFF technology (Fused Filament Fabrication) with thermoplastic extrusion. It's a great tool to make fast 3D prototypes in various colours, be it of a simple nature and a small size. It can take a long time to produce a more complex form.

  • Working area: 210 x 210mm | 8.27" x 8.27"
  • Maximum Part Size: 210 x 210 x 220mm | 8.27" x 8.27" x 8.67"
  • Software used: Cura
  • Acceptable file formats: STL
  • Mechanical Resolution: 0.02 mm
  • Position Accuracy: +- < 0.05 mm
  • Build materials
  • PLA and ABS (supported)
  • PCL, HDPE, PP, PMMA (known to work, YMMV)