Small milling machine

The Roland Modela MDX-20 is used for precision 3D milling and 3D scanning, as well as for circuit board milling.

A variety of tools can be used with this machine, including straight-end mills or cutters for rough cuts and square edges, or ball-end mills for finishing. The MDX-20 mills ABS, acrylic, woods, plaster, styrene foam, chemical wood, modeling wax, and light metals such as aluminum and brass. 3D model jobs can take a very long time (12h or more).


  • Working area: 200 mm x 160 mm
  • Maximum part size: 203.2 mm x 152.4 mm x 60.5 mm
  • Resolution: 0.025 mm/step
  • Mechanical resolution: 0.00625 mm/step
  • Software used: for 3D milling Roland Modela player, for circuit boards (Linux)
  • Acceptable file formats: STL, PNG

  • 3D Scanning functions: probe length 60 mm (2-5/16 in.), bulb diameter 0.08 mm (0.00315 in.)

  • Scanning speed
: 4-15 mm/sec. (1/8-9/16 in./sec.)

  • Exportable file formats
: DXF, VRML, STL, 3DMF, IGES, Grayscale, Point Group and BMP