Fablab Amsterdam is open to the public every Thursday afternoon (12:00-17:00).

For the next date, please always check this link first. We may skip some days due to other activities or national holidays.

During the open Thursdays we explain how the machines work, what you can make with them and what the philosophy is behind the maker movement and digital fabrication. At Fablab Amsterdam we are always looking for critical makers with interesting projects. We are happy to answer any questions or help you find your way in the Amsterdam maker scene, as there is a growing number of so-called 'Maakplaatsen' at the public libraries (OBA) in the city where you can make things with digital fabrication.

Entrance to the Fablab on Thursday is free (reservations are not necessary). The open day is held very week, except national holidays and the annual holiday periods (July/August and Christmas). Please bear in mind that the size of our Fablab does not make it suitable for group visits.

Fablab Amsterdam is situated on the first floor of the Waag monument in Amsterdam.