Our open days are for making, learning and sharing. You share your learning experience by documenting your work at Openthings. When you share your experiences and learning process, you will be rewarded with a 50% refund. Please follow the guidelines on how to document your work. If you book a machine, this also includes support. You also have to bring your own materials, although some basics can be bought at the Fab Lab.

We have the following machines available:

  • laser cutter
  • big milling machine (ShopBot)
  • small milling machine (Modela)
  • vinyl cutter
  • 3d printers (multiple)

Specifications of each machine and their hourly rates can be found at their respective machine pages. You can book the machines through our booking system on our open day on Saturday. You pay an hourly rate for each machine. You can pay either in cash or with PIN when you visit the Fablab.

When you document your work at Openthings.wiki, you are eligible for a 50% refund.