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Rough wood laser engravement


This project is based on the beauty of contrast. Detailed calligraphy on rough wood.

It's destiny is a name board for a small cottage. An outdoor installation thus. So I thought, the deeper we engrave the better! That way it would take longer for the effect of weather conditions to show their toll and threaten the legibility of this name board. 

Letter belt


This project is about laser-engraving a sequence of symbols which should be centered along the length of a belt. The challenges are to center these letters in a consistent way on this felxible material, while using the correct laser settings that should ensure a lasting engraving.

Laser engraving on books


I am working on a self-initiated project, which will be about laser engraving onto existing books.

For this I am doing some test at Fab Lab, trying out as many settings as possible, and as many sorts of images as possible.

My intention will be to clash the book itself, it's object, its value and its content with a burned/engraved images on it.

My selection of images will be taken from Internet, and will represents aspects of the internet culture.

My selection of books might evolved toward general knowledge (atlas, dictionnaries, history etc...).



Examples of fabric engraved with the laser cutter

Portrait try-out


“You never fail until you stop trying.”

― Albert Einstein

A short description of my first try-out at the laser cutter.

(So this included no experience at the laser cutter at all, and a minimum of photoshopping. Nope, not making excuses, just saying that you can do this too! ;-))

A second life to paper


Desycling Paper

This project is born from the idea to give a second life to paper (or other materials) through embossing (creating three-dimensional design or image on paper).  I'm exploring the possibility of creating embossing molds with different materials in the Fablab and find possibilites to create  graphics, textures, cuts to give a new purpose to paper and other materials.

In this case, I've created a mold with compact cardboard which can be used to emboss on different types of paper. 

Including objects in acrylic

engraving scale.jpg

Sometimes it is useful to embed components/objects in other materials by engraving them. It is hard though to predict the depth of the engraving while setting the lasercutting machine. Here is a quick legenda for embedding small objects in acrylic sheets.

enclosure of objects in acrylic sheets


Acrylic sheet
Material Thickness (mm): 
Cut or Engrave: 
heavy engrave

25: a 60 x 40cm laser-engraved wood portrait


For my researches I wanted to push the limits of leaser engraving on wood. So I decided to make a gift for my parents, who recently celebrated 25 years of marriage, engraving a 60x40cm picture of them.

The first step was to find the right wood and the best setting to have a nice result. So I made a lot of tests using different kind of wood.

Fablab Location: 
Waag Society

Leaves of Grass


Fablab Location: 
Waag Society