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In de Rarekiek


In de Rarekiek - In the Wonderbox

Object Scanning Composition


My aim is to scan little scale models and miniatures of objects I sculpted by hand in different mediums. The Idea started from drawings compositions, it is part of a long process to materialize sketches to real size objects, as conservating the drawings qualities. Also bouncing to rhino, I created 3d models out as new conversion of the drawings, but they lost their qualities cause of geometry. Finding a way to conserve the qualities trough sculpting and then scanning, for then printing and duplicating.

Van der Pol Tegels en Bouwmaterialen

Sells nice foam plates in all sorts of measurments. Ideal for maquette making.

Zeeburgerpad 41
1019 AA Amsterdam

Foamrubber on lasercutter

Foto 36.jpg

I cut approximately 45 mm of foamrubber to distract our logo from it. It took me a little while to find the right settings.

In the end I decided to let the laser rerun the same print job 3 times to cut the material all the way. before that it only cut 33% of the thicknes.

I do think I will have to redo it because the logo has some very thin parts and the laser did create quite a thick cutting-line because of the heat it produces.

Fablab Location: 
Waag Society