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In de Rarekiek


In de Rarekiek - In the Wonderbox

Object Scanning Composition


My aim is to scan little scale models and miniatures of objects I sculpted by hand in different mediums. The Idea started from drawings compositions, it is part of a long process to materialize sketches to real size objects, as conservating the drawings qualities. Also bouncing to rhino, I created 3d models out as new conversion of the drawings, but they lost their qualities cause of geometry. Finding a way to conserve the qualities trough sculpting and then scanning, for then printing and duplicating.

Van der Pol Tegels en Bouwmaterialen

Making a foam housing for the Scottie boxes


Work in Progress

het proces begon met het kopen van ikea doosjes.

vervolgens op zoek gegaan naar een leverancier van Foam

deze gevonden: lejan in amsterdam, levert goede foam tegen een redelijke prijs.

foam geprobeerd te frezen, ging niet wegens te zacht foam.

foam op de lasercutter:

focus iets onder de oppervlakte (0,5 cm)

laatste restjes eruit drukken

Fablab Location: 
Waag Society

Foamrubber on lasercutter

Foto 36.jpg

I cut approximately 45 mm of foamrubber to distract our logo from it. It took me a little while to find the right settings.

In the end I decided to let the laser rerun the same print job 3 times to cut the material all the way. before that it only cut 33% of the thicknes.

I do think I will have to redo it because the logo has some very thin parts and the laser did create quite a thick cutting-line because of the heat it produces.

Fablab Location: 
Waag Society