Are you interested in biotechnology, but you don’t have a background in either biology or technology? Do you like to make things yourself and tinker with technology? Interested in DIYBio but don’t know where to start? Or do you consider yourself creative and innovative and wanna work with some biomaterial? Come and join the BioHack Academy!

Engineers have turned biology into a design discipline and it’s now upon us to shape it’s applications. After completing the BioHack Academy you will be able to grow your own fuel, food, filaments, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, fungi and much more funky bio stuff at home. We will teach you how to join the bio revolution and how build your own lab equipment using a Fablab, Maker/Hackspace or other shared machine shop.

The BioHack Academy consists of 10 classes. We will explain you how to construct the necessary machines, such as incubators, microscopes and centrifuges, to run your own biolab. Along the way you will learn how to operate them and put them to use in your own project. Whether that’s a new type of bio ink, bio polymer, bio fuel or other kind of biohack is entirely up to you.

Moreover, the BioHack Academy is a truly international course. In the past editions, partner labs from the US, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Europe have followed the course simultaneously via remote video. We expect new partners to join this course as well, and grant you to opportunity to collaborate with biohackers from all over the world!