The machines in our Fab Lab are used for various things. We use them in educational programmes, like the Fab Academy, and to train teachers and librarians (maker education). But also to create prototypes for projects, and in various (public and private) workshops and courses. We sometimes engage in commissioned work, but it is not possible to hire the machines.

The standard equipment of a Fab Lab basically exists of a set of digital machines and an electronics corner. First of all, every Fab Lab owns a ShopBot, which is a digital milling machine. Secondly, a laser cutter that may vary in size (we have a very big one, that dominates our space).

Furthermore, a small milling machine called a Modela, mainly used to make circuit boards, and a vinyl cutter to make stickers. Some Fab Labs may carry an embroidery machine (at our place in use at our TextileLab), and some may have 3D printers (mostly consumer type like Ultimaker). The electronic corner usually comes with tools (soldering irons, of course) and basic electronic parts (breadboards and such).

We also have a an extensive set of common workplace tools (like drilling machines, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.).