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Fusion360 tutorial

  • Whenever you feel unsure about what a certain feature in Fusion does, hover over the title/button/etc for very good tooltips
  • Make sure that when you’re modeling, the face that you want to mill is facing up on the Z axis

  • When you’re using Fusion 360 for the first time, you won’t have any tools yet. We have to add them; you can start with the following settings

Click new tool (the + icon)

From the overview you can select the type of mill that you want to use. We have ball nose mills and flat end mills. Shaft and holder aren’t necessary to specify.

  • Spindle speed: how fast the bit rotates
  • Ramp spindle speed: how fast the bit rotates while descending and ascending (when ramp type is set to plunge, it’s similar to plunge speed in VCarve)

Tool: - Set coolant to disabled - All of the speeds and settings of the selected milling bit can be changed directly here as well

Geometry: - Check origin and orientation and change if needed

Heights: - Change heights of clearances/retraction/feed etc

Passes: - Maximum roughing stepdown: pass depth for roughing toolpaths

Linking: - Set Ramp type to Plunge

When you press OK, calculation of the passes starts