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How to use the BRM Laser Cutter


Laser Cutter & Fume extractor

The laser we have in the lab is a BRM Original Laser Machine. The fume extractor is a BOFA AD Oracle.

How to use

  1. Turn on the computer. The computer is located underneath the lasercutter, in the right corner (see picture above).

  2. Plug the USB stick containing your file into the computer.

  3. Open the file in Lightburn (for more details on how to use Lightburn see the Lightburn page).

    If you can’t find the file from Lightburn; copy the file to a local folder first

  4. In Lightburn; Set speed & power. To choose which speed & power to use you can take a look at the material library, located left of the lasercutter.


  5. Turn on the power of the laser-cutter (1 & 2, see image)


  6. Place your material on the bed of the lasercutter.

    Please use both of the handlebars to open and close the lasercutter.

    To avoid the material from moving, you can use tape to secure the material to the laserbed. You can also use the bricks on the side of the lasercutter, but make sure the laser will not move against the bricks. Keep in mind that when you turn the lasercutter on the laser will first move to the upper right corner and then to it’s last origin.

  7. Calibrate the x-axis of the laser.

    Screw the ring on the laser head open; Attention! This is not lefty-hefty-righty-tighty. To open the ring, turn it clockwise; To secure the ring, turn it counter-clockwise.

    Use the wooden calibration tool to place the laser tip on. When the tip rests on the tool, secure the ring. Make sure you try different locations for calibrating since the bed is not completely level.

    power power

  8. Calibrate the x- and y-axis of the laser. For this you can either use the arrows in Lightburn or on the power panel. Press origin on the power panel.

  9. Use “Frame” in Lightburn to check the size of the traces you’re about to cut.

  10. Turn on the fume extractor (left, underneath the computer screen).

  11. Turn on the laser head (#3 on the power panel).

  12. Press Start! Happy cutting :)

When you’re done, please turn off the laser head, but leave the fume extractor on and the lasercutter closed for a few more minutes.

!! Important !!

Never leave the red square when the lasercutter is cutting!

In case of fire:

turn off the laser with the red stop button. turn off the fume extractor. let the fire die out because of oxygen starvation. or, when it is small enough, use the special quick fire extinguish device. When you see something starting to burn; Use the waterspray on the side of the lasercutter.

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Ben Bente