How to use the heat press

Heat Press prints shapes created with heat transfer vinyl on fabrics.

  • Turn on the machine with the switch
  • Set initial temperature, highest temperature and time. You can go through options via MODE and adjust each option with - and + buttons (the machine works with Fahrenheit).
  • Stack the layers as seen below.

Heat Press Section

  • Wait 5-10 mins total for the machine to heat up.
  • When you hear the beep, press the handle and hit ⏯
  • Wait the suggested time and when you hear the beep again, release the handle.
  • Remove the transparent sticker carefully.

Heat Press Steps

Below is a table explaining temperature and time requirements for various surfaces:

Press Object Initial Temperature (°F) Highest Temperature (°F) Proper Heating Time (s)
Mugs 230 330 40
Tiles 230 330 40
Metal board 230 300 40
Plate 230 355 150
T-shirt 230 355 Sublimation paper: 30-50
T-shirt Paper: 10-20